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Inn of the Phoenix was conceived by Kathy Wheaton, Widow of Pearl Harbor Survivor, Gerry Wheaton after his passing in 2005.

Gerry and Kathy were married almost 60 years and were assigned some exciting places to live by the U.S. Coast Guard ranging from an island in the Gulf of Mexico to a lighthouse on the Pacific Coast of Washington.

The week that Gerry passed away in his sleep, Kathy was diagnosed with lung cancer and knew the time she had left was precious to her and her family.  She had many talks with her daughter of what would become of her home in Tome'.

Kathy was an avid reader and enjoyed history.  She shared that joy with her family.  Gerry enjoyed visiting his grand children's schools and shared with their classmates, and occasionally the entire student body in assembly, his story of the attack on Pearl Harbor that fateful day, December 7, 1941.  "The Day that will live in Infamy"

The Inn is a tribute to Gerry & Kathy's lives and is filled with framed references to the Pearl Harbor attack and history of the ship Gerry served on while in the Navy.  The USS Phoenix CL-46, nicknamed by her crew as the "Lucky Lady", endured 25 hostile engagements during the war with only a damaged propeller and some shrapnel in her smokestack.  She was retired from the Navy in October 1945 and remained in moth balls for six years.  The story behind the story is that ship was sold to Argentina on April 9, 1951 and became the ARA General Belgrano.  She was then named Argentine Navy's Flagship in 1957.  On the fateful day of May 2, 1982 she was sunk by a British torpedo fired from the submarine HMS Conqueror during the Falkland Island Incident.   900 men went in the water when the ship was hit by 2 mach 24 torpedoes.  300 men were lost.  Sadly, instead of continuing down in history as the "Lucky Lady" she would go down as the first ship sunk by a nuclear submarine.   Now you know the story behind the story.

Meanwhile, back in the present day.......

The Inn's atmosphere is cozy and comfortable with a full library, wood burning fireplace, private dining room, master queen bedroom with private bath, and twin bedroom with a shared bath.  The main bathroom has a bathtub with shower massage and handicap bars, the master bath has a large shower with a removable shower chair, handicap bars and shower massage.  The Inn also boasts a full kitchen with a breakfast nook, laundry room and enclosed porch and private patio.

Rates are comparable to the area and offer military and bereavement discounts as well as Senior discounts.  Weekly rates are available.

Smoker's have a private patio to enjoy and pets are welcome with a fee.

We look forward to serving you in the Land of Enchantment!

"The Inn is a tribute to my parent's lives and is dedicated to them."
Karla Barela

Featuring a cozy & historic atmosphere in rural New Mexico

Take a step back in history to December 7, 1941.  The day the U.S. entered WWII.  View memorabillia throughout the residence collected by Pearl Harbor Survivor Gerald A. Wheaton, who served as Seaman 1st Class aboard the USS Phoenix during the attack.

"Remember Pearl Harbor"
Sons and Daughters Pearl Harbor Survivors, Inc.

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